Ice Hockey



GetAttachmentThumbnail 16What is ice hockey?  Ice hockey is the fastest team sport in the world.  Its a sport built on teamwork, discipline and speed. From the moment a young player steps on the ice, they will begin to learn the skills of the game - whilst having fun!

Why become involved?  The benefits for children are numerous; not only will they improve their agility, strength and co-ordination, but ice hockey will also develop self confidence, sportsmanship and self esteem.

How do I start?  The Learn to Play programme teaches the basic skills of the game in a non competitive atsomsphere so children can take their first steps to becoming an ice hockey player safely. This is run by qualified New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation Learn To Play coaches and is run for 10 weeks at the beginning of the ice hockey season each year. This programme is mainly targeted at primary school age children.  Alternatively teenagers or adults can come along on a Tuesday night and join in ice hockey practises.  

Practice Nights  

Tuesday nights
U13's 5pm-6pm
U16 6pm-7pm
Women 7pm-7.30pm
Seniors 7.30pm-9pm.  

Thursday nights 
Everyone 6-7pm

Come along we would love to see you!

Want to know more about the game?  Read the Ice Hockey 101 Booklet on the New Zealand Ice Hockey website.

Want to contact your local ice hockey rep?  Use the Contact Us page.  Choose the ice hockey topic option and post your message.

Want to view the New Zealand Ice Hockey website?  Follow this link  

View the Southern Ice Hockey League Tournament Schedule.  Go to the 'Links' on the New Zealand Ice Hockey website, the schedule is under the Dunedin website that has the Southern address. 

Follow our local Southern teams, Southern Stampede and Dunedin Thunder in the New Zealand Ice Hockey National League! Watch livestreamed games on the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federations website or go to the 'Links' on the New Zealand Ice Hockey website and scroll down to the desired teams web address. 

Don't delay, check out ice hockey today!