About Us

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Ice Sports Southland is a member owned and operated rink. Each of our members help out in someway whether it be running public sessions, grooming the ice, working rosters, coaching teams, advertising and publicity or just the general day to day running of the rink. This is how we keep down our costs for you to attend public sessions etc. We are the cheapest rink in the country to skate at.


The Executive

The Ice Sports Southland Executive are elected at the AGM in March each year. The executive members are responsible for the 'big picture' of Ice Sports Southland. This includes: budgets, finances, strategic plans and funding for the organisation and its codes. We have a Curling Exec who is responsible for all things curling. Figure Skating Exec for all Figure Skating, Kiwiskate, Tiny Tots, Learn to Skate. Ice Hockey Exec for the Ice Hockey and a Speed Skating Exec for Speed Skating. We also have a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotions and Publicity Officer, and Facility Exec. Altogether there are nine of us on The Executive. 



Becoming a member is easy. You can sign up any time through the Gore Multisports reception. They have the necessary forms on hand for you to fill out and they take payments on our behalf.

Family: $100

Adult (Over 18): $60

Child (Under 18 years): $40

Pre Schooler (Under 5 years): $20

When becoming a member we also require you to help out on public session duty on a regular basis (usually about once every 6 months) or more often if you wish. There are benefits that go with this as well, please see your code executive about these. 

Memberships expire on the 31 March each year when annual ice time payments also expire too so mark this on your calendar.